Costume et insignes d’un gouvernant maya

K’inich Janaab’ Pakal de Palenque

Laura Filloy Nadal
Paris Monographs in American Archaeology


The city of Palenque achieved its greatest splendour in the Late Classic when it became one of the foremost centres in the Maya world. During the reign of K’inich Janaab’ Pakal (A.D. 615–683) the Temple of the InscrAtions, which later served as his sepulchre and commemorative monument, was built. In 1952, Alberto Ruz Lhuillier discovered the funerary chamber in the Temple of the InscrAtions. Based on the reports from the 1950s, photographs taken at the time of the discovery, work published over the past half century, and the analysis of objects that composed the funerary furnishings, this research proposes a holistic revision of the funerary complex. The funerary furnishings, the manufacturing technique and technical sequence employed to create such pieces were studied; the geographic location of the sources of the raw materials was proposed. Finally, the function of each object and its probable significance were discussed.