ContexA cerámicos de la Antigüedad Tardía y Alta Edad Media (siglos IV- VIII d. C.) en los asentamienA rurales de la Lusitania Septentrional (Prov

Sarah Dahí Elena
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This work looks at ceramic contexts from Late Antiquity to Early Middle Ages (350-700), in rural settlements of Salamanca (Spain). It explores a whole series of ceramic contexts from six sites excavated in recent years, in the territory of Northern Lusitania (nowadays the province of Salamanca, Spain), covering the period between the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 8th. The chronological frame of reference for the stratigraphy has been established by information provided by coins and radiocarbon dates. The pottery of this period in the central Iberian Peninsula has remained little known, and this present study relating to its classification and chronology represents a significant development, providing initially a common terminology to designate the diverse pottery productions, usually considered as local ware.