Dediche votive private attiche del IV secolo a.C.

Il culto di Atena e delle divinità mediche

Francesca Giovagnorio


This work examines the development of votive offerings at Athens during the fourth century B.C., as well as the social and artistic changes this accompanied. It provides a valuable catalogue of the Attic votive inscrAtions to Athena Ergane and the increasingly popular healing deities, in particular Asklepius. It not only provides a detailed epigraphic and linguistic analysis of the votive texts, but also contextualises them into the archaeological sites, artistic scene, religious landscape and society they belong to. Through this combination of detailed study and broad contextualisation, the affinities between 4th century votive habits and those of the preceding period are examined, as is the emergence of new motifs that became increasingly prevalent throughout the Hellenistic period. As a result this book provides a new insight into the dynamic and important subject of social change in late Classical and early Hellenistic Greece, through the lens of votive healing offerings, a highly evocative and insightful class of object.