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Bronze Age, Roman and Later Occupation at Chieveley, West Berkshire

The archaeology of the A34/M4 Road Junction Improvement

Andrew Mudd with contributions from Alex Thorne, Jane Timby, Tora Hylton, Ian Meadows, Val Fryer, Rowena Gale and Karen Deighton


This report describes the results of the evaluations and excavations of the new A34/M4 interchange at Chieveley, West Berksire, England, and discusses the combined evidence from superficial and subsurface finds. It is concluded that there was a significant intensification of activity in the area starting in the Middle Bronze Age following a sporadic earlier prehistoric presence. This continued into the Late Bronze Age. The lack of Iron Age material is noted and there seems to have been a re-intensification of occupation in the late Iron Age or early Roman periods. The few early-middle Saxon pits were divorced from a settlement context and remain enigmatic.