Beyond Ibn Hawqal’s Bahr al-F?rs

10th–13th Centuries AD: Sindh and the K?j-u-Makr?n region, hinge of an international network of religious, political, institutional and economic affairs

Valeria Piacentini Fiorani
Stud. in the Archaeology & History of Baluchistan


The first section of the present volume is a report of the Italian involvement in Southern Makrn and Kharn, its aims and objects, modus operandi. It is essentially restricted to the Islamic era and represents a discourse preliminary to the second section. The methodological approach of combining historical sources (written and manuscrAt, Persian and Arabic) with archaeological evidence and geo-morphological study has allowed for a re-reading of the traditional literature and the role played by Makrn and, in particular, the Kj-u-Makrn region during the 10th-13th Centuries AD. Many questions put by this mystifying region still stand only partly answered, if not completely un-answered. After three seasons of archaeological field-work and research – complemented with accurate geo-morphological surveys and studying – we are still confronted with an elusive region and some crucial queries. ‘Part Two’ of this study is the follow up of the archaeological and geo-morphological research-work: a historical study, which focuses on the 10th-13th Centuries AD.