Arqueozoología y Romanización

Producción, distribución y consumo de animales en el nordeste de la Península Ibérica entre los siglos V ane-V dne

Lídia Colominas Barberà


This research studies the historical process known as Romanisation. It aims to contribute information about changes that took place in the management and exploitation of animals in the communities established in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula asa consequence of Roman advances. Analyses of changes in animal husbandry strategies practised in the Iberian Peninsula have been rather neglected and this book fills this information gap by offering a view of this historical process through archaeozoological studies. The analysis of animal husbandry is essential to reach deeper into topics such as the models and systems of territorial and habitat exploitation, providing new evidence and allowing a new, more complete and accurate view of the implantation,evolution and transformation of Roman power.