Architectural Terracottas at the Sanctuary of Punta Stilo at Kaulonia

Genesis, Problems, Developments

Nicola Giaccone


This monograph focuses on Greek architectural terracottas coming from recent excavations at the urban sanctuary of Kaulonia, a polis on the eastern coast of Calabria. The work outlines the phenomenon of architectural terracottas in their diachronic development, clarifying the manner in which their production first arose, reconstructing the range of distribution of the products of Kaulonia (among the most important in Magna Graecia), and highlighting their links with other materials of the same class in Greece and Southern Italy. It also examines significant aspects of production and attempts to investigate the ideological elements implicit in ‘horn’ roofs (a peculiar group of Southern Italy terracottas). The monograph further presents results that are of interest to wider architectural studies and Greek archaeology, including a reappraisal of ‘horn’ roofs class and a new identification of roofs found at Olympia.