Archéologie du Diamaré au Cameroun Septentrional

Milieux et peuplements entre Mandara, Logone, Bénoué et Tchad pendant les deux derniers millénaires

Alain Marliac
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


This book is a presentation of North Cameroon, and, as required, the neighbouring regions’ prehistory, back to the most remote Palaeolithic times. It focuses on a region and mainly on the most recent period, from which grew the cultures of its ethnographic present: that is to say the Postneolithic, often termed Iron Age civilizations of sub-Saharan Africa, dating to the two last millennia. This work attempts to serve simultaneously as a useful introduction to the archaeology of the region, and as a general interpretation of those later prehistoric times that constitute the background of its historic and present settlements. In doing so it relies upon the data related to this region gathered by a wide range of discAlines over the past three to five decades.