Archéologie de l’Amazonie

Les premiers habitants de la Guyane côtière

Stéphen Rostain
Paris Monographs in American Archaeology


[Text in French with English abstracts] The history of European settlement of South Americas has been the subject of much historical, archaeological and anthropological research. Guianas in the Amazon region, however life and society in the pre-Columbianperiod remain comparatively neglected topics. Though the Guianas were inhabited by different local groups before and after European colonisation began in the late sixteenth century, little is known about Pre-Columbian life and society in this region. Theeleven papers in this volume seek to fill this gap in research, each focussing on a range of different archaeological and historical methods, such as archaeobotanical analysis, cartography and ethnology. This volume provides a highly original, multifaceted and truly interdiscAlinary account of the pre-Columbian Guianas. It also benefits from a greater focus on scientific analysis than the few other studies of the region in this period. The papers included here will be of interest to anyone seeking to learn more about in the pre-Columbian Amazon region, and South America more generally. An English language abstract is included for each of the papers in this volume.