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Archäologie – Naturwissenschaften – Umwelt

Beiträge der Arbeitsgemeinschaft “Römische Archäologie” auf dem 3. Deutschen Archäologenkongreß in Heidelberg 25.5. – 30.5.1999

Martin Frey and Norbert Hanel


A collection of papers given at the Third Congress of German Archaeologists under the title ‘Archaeology – Sciences – Environment’. 11 contributions deal with the crises management of Roman Emperors, climatic changes around 200 AD, integration of ecological and archaeological data obtained at the Roman vicus of Tienen (Belgium), dendrochronology of Roman fortlett and vicus of Rainau-Buch, technology behind Roman glass objects, archaeozoological investigations in the vici and villas in Elchtest, technological studies on the Rheinzabern pottery, further studies on Roman potery from central Lahn Valley and on amphorae from Mainz, a look at the distribution of Roman brick-stamps and the results of the interdiscAlinary investigations in Mautern in Roman Noricum.