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Archaeology of the Upper Witham Valley

Prehistoric visitors, Iron Age settlement and a Romano-British landscape dominated by a new villa

Thomas H Jolliffe


This work represents an in-depth study of Iron Age – Romano-British periods in the Upper Witham Valley (Lincolnshire, England). ‘In addition to field walking, Dr Jolliffe was able to arrange geophysical surveys on a truly epic scale; the fields respondedwell and the surveys providing a context for the fieldwalking finds. Together, this evidence allowed him to look at the development of the landscape over time. The finds were thoroughly researched, help and advice being sought from the relevant regional specialists. Dr Jolliffe was also able to draw on his own knowledge and experience as an agriculturalist in his interpretation of the landscape.…It is, I believe, the model of a locally based, holistic study of an ancient landscape and I feel privileged to have seen it develop.’ From the Foreword by Dr Kevin Leahy, National Advisor, Early Medieval Metalwork, The Portable Antiquities Scheme