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Archaeology and History in Ìlàrè District (Central Yorubaland, Nigeria) 1200-1900 A.D.

Akinwumi O. Ogundiran
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


The focus of this study (number 55 in the Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology) is the impact of developments from the 13th-19th centuries on the Ìlàrè District of Central Yorubaland, SW Nigeria. The author’s goal is to explain how the panregionalinteraction networks and historical processes shaped the settlement history, socio-political development, and transformations in the material aspects of cultural institutions in Ìlàrè District during the period studied. Although Ìlàrè District is recognized as a perAhery in the interacting networks that linked several regional metropolises in Yorubaland, this study demonstrates that a regional history of these networks can be reconstructed by using the archaeological and oral historical data from Ìlàrè District. As the first archaeological investigation in this interesting area, this work extends the frontiers of academic research in Yorubaland, and contributes to the pool of data needed to construct a comprehensive cultural history for the region.