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Archaeological Investigations at Yaxuná, 1986-1996

Results of the Selz Foundation Yaxuna Project

Travis W. Stanton, David A. Freidel, Charles K. Suhler, Traci Ardren, James N. Ambrosino, Justine M. Shaw, and Sharon Bennett


This volume represents the final report of the Selz Foundation Yaxuná Archaeological Project at the Precolumbian Maya center of Yaxuná, Yucatán, Mexico from 1986 to 1996. This volume contains summaries of all survey data, excavations, artifact analyses, and current interpretations. Contents: 1) Introduction; 2) Background to the investigations; 3) The natural setting; 4) Chronology (Yaxuná Ia (750/500 B.C.-250 B.C.), Yaxuná Ib (250 B.C.-A.D. 250), Yaxuná IIa (A.D. 250-A.D. 400), Yaxuná IIb (A.D. 400-A.D.550), Yaxuná IIc (A.D. 550-A.D. 600), Yaxuná III (A.D. 600-700/730), Yaxuná IVa (A.D. 700/730-A.D. 900/950), Yaxuná IVb (A.D. 900/950- A.D. 1100/1200), Yaxuná V (1100/1200-1400?), Yaxuná VI (?)), 5) Excavations; 6) Conclusions; Appendices.