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Ancient Settlement in the Zammar Region: Excavations at Tell Abu Dhahir

Excavations by the British Archaeological Expedition to Iraq in the Eski Mosul Dam Salvage Project, 1985-86 Volume Two

St John Simpson edited and with a Foreword by Warwick Ball


This volume forms the second of four projected volumes on the results of the British excavations carried out at seven sites between September 1985 and June 1986 in the Zammar Region of the Eski Mosul Dam Salvage Project. The first volume, dealing with the first six excavated sites, has already appeared. The third volume, on the pottery, and the fourth, covering the small finds and specialist studies, are in preparation. (The background to the project and the general results are given in the Foreword, the Introduction and the Overview to the first volume.) Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Hassuna; Chapter 3: Halaf; Chapter 4: Ubaid; Chapter 5: Uruk; Chapter 6: Ninevite; Chapter 7: Akkadian; Chapter 8: Khabur; Chapter 9: Mitannian-Middle Assyrian; Chapter 10: Late Assyrian; Chapter 11: Hellenistic; Chapter 12: Early Modern; 13: Concordance: list of excavated contexts; List of small finds; Bibliography.