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An Early Pottery Neolithic Occurrence at Beisamoun, the Hula Valley, Northern Israel

The results of the 2007 salvage excavation

by Danny Rosenberg with contributions by Nurit Shtober, Iris Gorman-Yeroslavski, Vered Eshed,Noa Raban-Gerstel, Guy Bar-Oz, Yotam Tepper and Ariel Berman


In the autumn of 2007 a large-scale salvage excavation took place on the western margins of Beisamoun in the Hula Valley in northern Israel, as part of the development of the Rosh Pina–Qiryat Shmona highway. Excavation in the western part of the greater area of the Beisamoun site, formerly known for its Pre-Pottery Neolithic B finds, revealed a wealth of a archaeological objects attributed to an early phase of the Pottery Neolithic period. This volume presents the final reports of the 2007 salvage excavation, and it discusses relevent issues concerning the Prehistory of the Hula Valley during the earliest stages of the Pottery Neolithic period.