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An Ancient Roman Spa at Mezzomiglio: Chianciano Terme, Tuscany/Antiche Terme Romane a Mezzomiglio: Chianciano Terme, Acana

Volume II: Material Culture and Reconstructions 2002–2010/Volume II Cultura materiale e Ricostruzioni 2002–2010

Paola Mecchia and David Soren


Volume 1 (BAR S1548, 2006) of the archaeological excavations conducted by the University of Arizona at the site of Mezzomiglio in the town park area of Chianciano Terme, Tuscany, dealt with the excavation results up to the year 2001. This volume by Paola Mecchia deals with the material culture which resulted from the limited soundings made from 2003 through 2006. The site at Mezzomiglio was an ancient rural spa. How close the nearest town may have been is not known; there may have been a significant settlement at Chianciano Terme itself but to date nothing other than evidence of rural occupation has presented itself. The spa certainly functioned from at least late Etruscan times and material has been recovered which allows the tracing back of the site toat least the 2nd century B.C., with the possibility of frequentation of a simple nature earlier than that.