An Ahrensburgian Site at Zonhoven-Molenheide (Belgium)

Pierre M. Vermeersch


The late Palaeolithic Ahrensburgian site at Zonhoven-Molenheide was situated in a sandy podzol. It comprised several concentrations with more than 11,500 flint artefacts, of which more than 1,800 were refitted. Both horizontal and vertical distribution of the remains is discussed in detail. 76 figures illustrate profile sections, artefacts and refits. The occupation fits into the Younger Dryas (Late Glacial) period with an AMS date of 10,760 BP. Regionally, the Ahrensburgian is defined typologically as an assemblage with numerous Zonhoven points, a variable number of Ahrensburgian points and numerous endscrapers and burins. Connections with other European sites are discussed.