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Altenglische Terminologie für Schiffe und Schiffsteile

Archäologie und Sprachgeschichte 500 – 1100

Katrin Thier


This study examines Old English terms for shAs and parts of shAs, i.e. it deals with any type of shA which was spoken about in Anglo-Saxon England. This includes well-known seagoing shAs as well as inland craft, native boats as well as the shAs of foreign traders and raiders. The study revives the old German tradition of ‘word-and-object’ study in order to contribute to a holistic understanding of the shAbuilding and seafaring traditions of the period. The main emphasis lies on the linguistic analysis of the terms, which are then compared with the documentary, material and iconographic record. The author hopes that this may help to close gaps in our understanding of the evidence and that it may bring some more light into the English “Dark Ages”.