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A Sixth-Century AD Shipwreck off the Carmel Coast, Israel

Dor D and Holy Land Wine Trade

Sean A. Kingsley with contributions by Anthony Johnson and David Williams


This work details one of the 6th-century Byzantine wrecks located at Dor, off the Carmel coast, Isreal. The anchorages of Dor have attracted much recent interest and the discoveries form part of a vast and highly informative body of maritime heritage. Wreck D provides significant insights, especially as regards amphorae finds, into the trade in wine of the period. Chapters 1-4 of the book describe the ship and its cargo; chapters 5-8 assess and explain these within a wider economic context by examining how ancient wreck sites form and are preserved or destroyed on the seabed, and by examining the structure of the Holy Land wine trade in which Dor D was involved. The Appendices include a catalogue of wine and oil presses in Byzantine Palestine.