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'A Hybrid Burial Practice’: Situated Practices and the Production of Situated Knowledges in the Archaeology of the Vestland Cauldron

Tove Hjørungdal


The subject of this book is the archaeology of the Vestland cauldron. The Vestland cauldron counts among the true European connections in Scandinavian archaeology, and there is a substantial body of literature on how to approach this specific cauldron. Very little is however taken up about the history of research and analyses of different ways of producing knowledge about the Vestland cauldron are more or less absent. This book aims therefore to follow the archaeology of the Vestland cauldron during three different centuries, all from the 1800s into the early 21st century. The canon of knowledge about the Vestland cauldron places itself within two main issues; first within typology, and second within issues of Roman import where the Vestland cauldron is understood as a foreign and exotic status object of the Scandinavian Iron Age. Knowledge on typology and import is essential to knowledge on prehistoric conditions, but like all knowledge it is partial and limited. Contents: Introduction; Source Material;Key works and marginal works in the history of the Vestland cauldron; Practices of producing situated knowledges on the Vestland cauldron; Mortuary work nd its academic situation – Producing 21st Century Situated Knowledge on Vestland cauldron Cremations; Situated practices of producing Vestland cauldron cremation graves; Mortuary work as situated practice Interpretations and implications; Latest Reflections on the Archaeology of the Vestland Cauldron.