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A History of the Greek City

Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos and translated by Alexandra Doumas, Nikolaos Baltatzis and Bill Phelps


The present volume is an extension of the periodical Archaiologia kai Technes (Archaeology and Arts) 1997. The complete volume was first published in Greek in 2004 by the journal in association with Hermes publishing house, and now appears in an English translation. The subject of the special edition and of the present volume as follow-up is the ‘city’, as well as – more broadly – any type of settlement, regardless of size. The time-span covered commences with the first appearance of permanent settlements in Greece, during the Neolithic Age, that is from the early seventh millennium BC, and concludes with the metropolises and metropolitan areas of the country today. The geographical area covered encompasses Greece and the wider region of the Mediterranean and the Balkans to which Hellenic civilization spread at various times in its history.