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A Changing Place

The Galgenberg in Lower Bavaria from the fifth to the first millennium BC

Barbara S. Ottaway with contributions by Rolf Bolten, Barbara Chapman, Glyn Davies, David Gale, Melanie Giles, Margaret Glass, Pat Hinton, Bertold Hofmann, Cordula Nagler-Zanier, Maisie Taylor and Margarethe Uerpmann
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Excavations carried out between 1981 and 1989 into the prehistoric settlement on the Galgenberg are reported here. The excavations were concerned to examine the establishment, growth and demise of a settlement of the late Neolithic and to relate it to its contemporary context in the north alpine region and in southern Germany in particular. Excavations began on a Cham culture site at the Galgenberg in 1981 and a year later an Altheim culture site, the Ergolding Fischergasse, was discovered and the two were excavated simultaneously under the directorshA of the author. Text with eleven specialist contributions.